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Do I need planning permission for my new aluminium or steel building?

The best place to start is with your building provider.

As the building experts, Clear Span Buildings can provide a quality planning service to take the hassle out of applying for planning permission. This will give you an indication of whether your current plans will be accepted, and if not and what you may need to take into consideration to get them approved.

Impact to green spaces, flooding, tree preservation orders and rights of way could be some of the barriers that may need addressing.

We can provide comprehensive drawings which will meet the requirements of planning departments nationwide.

storage in warehouse building

You can submit a pre-application for planning permission with most local planning departments which could get you a response within a few weeks and then if you have any roadblocks that need to be investigated you can resolve them before applying for planning permission with your steel or aluminium building.

The planning portal has a great tool to find your local planning authority, but we offer a planning service so you can get on with running your business instead of trying to decipher building regulations.

Permitted development rights

This only covers extensions of industrial buildings and warehouses where you can erect an extension of a building or structure without the need for planning permission. Shops, gyms and car showrooms will always require planning permission for extensions and do not fall into this category.

Planning Rules

Planning permission is normally required for any new commercial buildings, and although most will wait 7-13 weeks for a decision, some local authorities can take a lot longer to process your application. Using our planning service, which is in line with GPDO, will minimise delays and disruption as much as possible.

Can I start building before I have planning permission?

storage in warehouse building

This is called retrospective permission which means you can start building while you are waiting for your application for planning permission to be granted. In most cases, we do not recommend this as it can be risky and should only be used for when a project is heavily time-critical or an emergency which is also one of the criteria for applying for retrospective planning permission.

This may result in enforcement action being undertaken against you, so it is best to consult with a qualified town planning before considering this.

storage in warehouse building
building a cold rolled building

Got more questions about planning permission for your new steel building?

building a cold rolled building

If you have any more questions about the planning permissions for a warehouse extension, new storage facility, temporary building you need erected or any other steel or aluminium building, give Clear Span Buildings a call or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Our full planning service takes the hassle and stress of wading through planning laws, regulations and restrictions, conducted by our qualified and experienced town planner, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

For more on what Clear Span Buildings can do for you, please visit our buildings page.