Steel Buildings

Cost-effective solutions to meet your long-er-term requirements

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of Industrial steel buildings of any length with pitched roof spans of up to 20 metres and eaves heights of up to 6.5 metres. Our cold-rolled steel buildings meet all requirements for building control and insulation based on the specification selected. The structural calculations for each building also meet stringent BS codes for structural requirements and performance.

The flexibility of design allows for future expansion, whether by the need to add additional bays, increasing the length of the building or adding another building to the side.

Our steel buildings utilise the latest rolling and laser technology. We can supply a precision designed and manufactured portal frame with door and window openings to suit your requirements. This allows for maximisation of space to meet the specifications of your business.

When it comes to the overall finish of your building, Clear Span’s wide variety of cladding solutions are available in a multitude of colours. Plus with personnel access doors and roller shutter doors, we can meet your total requirements. 

Why have a steel building?

  • Lower in erection costs and construction time.
  • Less need for costly heavy lifting gear on site.
  • Reduction in cost of the building when compared to the hot-rolled ‘I’ beam alternative.
  • Faster manufacturing processes, from final design approval to delivery to the site would be 3-4 weeks.
  • The actual foundation loads applied with a Cold Rolled Building, are less meaning smaller foundations, saving cost.
  • Cold Rolled Steel Buildings are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel coil. With this, it means getting all components of a Cold Rolled frame and a galvanised finish with no need for additional coating or painting. 
  • Our steel buildings fully bolt together and incorporate robustly designed steel frames using cold rolled materials. 
  • Clear Span steel buildings come with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects giving you peace of mind