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Buy or Rent


Demountable framed aluminium buildings are the perfect solution for when it comes to rapid quick up storage and workshop solutions.

Extending through to sports facilities and exam halls for education, and many applications in industrial settings.

These aluminium buildings can get erected within a week.

ClearSpan manufactures aluminium structures to meet all relevant snow and wind loading requirements alongside ticking the boxes for compliance in structural design.

You can use our demountable aluminium buildings as if they are permanent facilities!

You can rent or buy, this makes them an attractive option relative to your budget.

The flexibility of the structures is the key when more storage is needed urgently. They are a great option when timescales are short as it means the difference between arranging extra capacity or potentially losing out on that new contract you have won.

The Buildings Design

Ground conditions at the site do not seem ideal? In which case, this again is where the aluminium buildings come up on top.

All structures have been designed to be installed onto the undulating ground if the substrate after testing is suitable. This can often avoid the need for a concrete slab, which makes this is a huge benefit financially.

Some clients prefer to pour a concrete slab; This would depend on the usage and requirements of what the purpose of the building is.

You can achieve up to 30m wide clear, span width in the footprint of the structure by almost any length required. The eaves height maximum is 8m providing a vast array of possibilities for your project.

Industrial loading Canopies are great to protect your goods from the weather in the UK. These canopies can be erected quickly and protect against snow, wind and rain.

Who we supply buildings to

  • Film studios
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports centres
  • Schools
  • Education
  • Logistics companies
  • Warehousing and storage operators
  • Main contractors for plant storage
  • Fruit and vegetable producers
  • Swimming pool complexes
  • Plus many more different industries

The applications are endless so we have the solutions to suit your project in rapid lead and completion times.

Options are offered for insulated steel wall and gable cladding if required and typically also single sheet steel box profile.

We design the structural openings that you require in the right places for accommodating steel curtain powered roller shutter doors and personnel doors. These doors can be sliding or traditional roller shutter types.

The industrial PVC roofs systems are an “air pocket” formed using heavy-duty white industrial PVC roof covers. These are slid tightly into the large profile aluminium roof, rafter groove, which creates an entirely watertight installation.

A small 24/7 run almost silent roof compressor also does its function year in year out maintaining a constant air pressure of approximately 0.8 Bar.

The result is dramatic in insulation and anti-condensation performance.

Short lead times are available with our constant and reliable supply chain function

The Full Building Service

ClearSpan also offers a planning service to let you get on with your role, while they make sure everything is done to your satisfaction and on time within your project schedule. ClearSpan offers a full turnkey solution if required, that includes the building itself and helping you to achieve the best value and proportions for the requirement.

They also offer full electrical and lighting packages, groundworks civils packages, HVAC heating and ventilation and, can provide lease-purchase options through our finance partners.

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There are many differ reason you might need a new building from extra storage or manufacturing space to a temporary gym.

Robust Boats Limited

Very Professional to deal with from start to completion with a high standard of workmanship. We will use again if the situation arises and would definitely recommend.