Aluminium Buildings

Light Weight, Rapid Installation Temporary Buildings & Loading Canopies

for all Purposes

Steel Buildings

Temporary & Permanent Steel Buildings for all Purposes Including

Warehousing, Manufacturing & Sports

Clear Span Buildings

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Our Building Types

Clear Span Buildings are a leading supplier in the UK of cold formed, galvanised steel structures. Our buildings are manufactured in the UK and hold the CE accreditation mark. Our buildings are designed using our own cutting edge, in-house structural and detailing software and are supplied with CAD drawings and foundation slab dimension requirements.

Aluminium Temporary Buildings

Aluminium frame relocatable temporary buildings

Hire or buy up to 40m span width. Suitable for shorter and medium term warehousing, workshops, loading canopies, factory extensions, goods in and out areas, sports and recreation halls meets main structural elements of building control

Cold Rolled Steel Buildings

Relocatable steel frame buildings

Hire or buy up to 20m span formed with insulated or single sheet steel wall AND steel roof systems for mid term duration for long service meets building control

Hot Formed Steel Buildings

Hot Formed permanent steel frame buildings

Up to almost any span and height for long term usage mostly avoiding the need for brick and block work but fully meeting building regulations.

Our Application Types


Maximise the use of your existing yard space to satisfy the demands of new or existing contracts requiring additional floorspace.


State-of-the-Art Facilities for Workshops, Product Production & Fulfilment

Sports & Community

Sports Halls, Tennis Courts & Community Sports Facilities

Our Process

All of our cold rolled steel buildings are manufactured in the UK and carry CE and ISO accreditation.
Ensuring you receive the highest quality of materials and service.

Quick turnaround


Surface mounted

Full design calculation included


CAD drawings included

Flexibility & strength

Why Choose Clear Span?

Quality, durable buildings

Expert assembly

Professional service